Repairs and Services

The Association is the Property Factor acting for and on behalf of all owners within each block of flats in the wider Toryglen Area.

The Association was either appointed when we were established in 2001 or was already the factor for your block at the time you bought your property.

The Association carries out this role on the basis of custom and practice.

Consent Levels

You have, through your Title Deeds, given us delegated authority to complete routine common repairs below consent levels, helping to minimise costs and further damage.

The consent level for your property is £250.

When we NEED your Permission

We will contact you, asking for permission to go ahead with any repairs where the costs will be higher than £250. We will ask you to consider and respond to our correspondence quickly. If we get permission from the majority of homeowners, including the Association, who get a vote for each property they own in your block, we will instruct the work to be completed.

When we DON’T need your Permission

In a situation where it is deemed an emergency and there is a risk to your health and safety, or the safety of the property we can go ahead with necessary repairs to protect all residents and their properties. You will be fully advised of any costs as soon as they are available. We will however, always strive to achieve homeowners’ agreement first.

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Summary of Core Services

  • (Common) Minor repairs
  • (Common) Major repairs
  • (Common) Emergency Repairs
  • Cyclical Maintenance (gutter cleaning, landscape maintenance, painterwork, watersafe testing)
  • Provide adequate Caretaker services
  • Arrange Building Insurance
  • Collect all homeowners in the block’s share of the costs of repairs
  • Keep homeowners informed through regular newsletters and other communications

Additional Services

The Association may provide services out with the core (including major repair works and improvements) if it is authorised by the owner occupiers within the block to do so all in accordance with the provisions contained in your Title Deeds.


Repairs Service

Reactive Repairs – Common only

Reactive repairs or day to day repairs are defined as those repairs which are carried out on a responsive basis as the need arises and are not deferred for inclusion in planned or cyclical maintenance programmes.

You can report a Reactive Repair required to the Common parts of the property directly to the office on 0141 613 2700 or by calling in, in person to 26 Glenmore Avenue Toryglen Glasgow G42 0EH during the Association’s opening hours as detailed below. Out of hours emergencies should be reported to our Call-Out Service Call Centre on 0800 783 7937.




9am – 5pm

The office telephone lines


9am – 5pm

Open each day at 8:30


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 4:30pm

It is your responsibility to report repairs when you are aware of them. The Association’s staff, tenants and contractors will also report repairs if they recognise a problem.

All information in relation to common repairs is contained within your Statement of Services Document – if you require a copy of this, please contact our Factoring Department on 0141 613 2700.

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