Response to Transfer Update newsletter

A Transfer Update was posted to all Thistle customers at the end of April. During the first half of May Thistle staff phoned as many tenants, factored owners and shareholders as possible to gather feedback on the Transfer Update. The Transfer Update encouraged customers to contact TIS directly with their thoughts, if they wished to do so.

Around 390 of the calls made by Thistle staff connected with a customer. There was an even split between Tenants (199) and Factored Owners (186). Around 50 of these customers were Shareholders. Encouragingly, 95 of these customers expressed an initial interest in taking part in TIS-led online Focus Groups.

TIS received 6 phone calls and 1 email directly from customers on the back of the Transfer Update.

The information gathered from customers on the Transfer Update was extremely useful. As well as valuable feedback on the transfer proposal, it enabled:

  • TIS to contact everyone who expressed an interest in the transfer-related Focus Groups.
  • Thistle to correct phone numbers and email addresses in its customer database.

Focus Groups

The first Focus Group meetings took place online using Zoom. A total of 14 tenants and factored owners attended one of four sessions on 10th and 11th June.

Participants were given a brief presentation from Mags Lightbody (transfer lead officer for Thistle), Pat Cahill (director – Sanctuary Scotland / interim director – Thistle) and Ilene Campbell (chief executive – TIS). Participants were then given the opportunity to discuss the transfer and raise any questions and concerns.

There was a great deal of consensus from tenants and owners:

  • The transfer proposal was supported by all four groups, with change seen as a positive development to improve service delivery and address areas of concern.
  • Concerns were raised about the lack of trust that exists between Thistle and local residents, specifically around problems with the E.ON contract.
  • The need for more transparency was highlighted.
  • Residents want more opportunities to be heard and to shape the future.
  • Residents want their Association to listen.

The Focus Groups supported the 13 priorities that will form the basis of the transfer offer.

Do you want to get involved?

The next round of Focus Group meetings are due to take place on Wednesday 5th August (tenants) and Thursday 6th August (factored owners).

If you are a tenant or factored owner and would like to take part in a meet, please tell TIS directly by phoning 0800 488 0982 (Freephone) or by emailing