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Surveys to begin this month

As we prepare for tenants hopefully voting YES in the ballot, Sanctuary Scotland wants to get preparations underway to ensure it can meet its ambitious investment commitment to your home and Toryglen. Although the proposed improvement work is wholly dependent on tenants voting YES to the transfer, surveys are needed to establish exactly what work is required and then to plan all of this much needed work over the 4 years of the transfer promises. The great news is that surveys will begin this month.

E.ON Surveys – Remedial Work and Asbestos Removal

From Monday 19 October 2020, Sanctuary’s building consultants will carry out a condition survey of the full external building fabric of the properties involved in the E.ON contract. For some buildings and particularly tenements these inspections will require access to high areas via a ‘cherry picker’ (an access platform).

Chimneys, vent tiles, rainwater goods, soffit and fascia panels plus flashings will all be inspected on a visual, non-disruptive basis. These surveys will help to determine if roofing products have been installed in line with manufacturer guidelines. If we remove a roof tile it will be reinstalled correctly. If damaged, it will be replaced with a match.

The External Wall Insulation will initially be examined on a non-intrusive basis, while a visual survey will check on the operational condition and ventilation of windows. All building elements will be reviewed against the building regulations at the time of installation with comment made on their compliance and suitability. This information will help Sanctuary fix the issues relating to the major works contract.

The removal of insulation and redundant water tanks in 13 affected attic spaces will begin in January 2021. As the attic spaces are locked and should remain so, there is no risk to public health from the asbestos.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Heating Surveys

If tenants vote YES we will pre-survey all 947 tenanted properties to identify which require a new kitchen, bathroom and/or heating system. These surveys will help Sanctuary plan the work over the 4 years. These home visits are due to begin in November 2020, enabling replacement work to begin in April 2021. Every tenant will be given prior notice of this visit which our surveyors will carry out in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 guidance.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Works

We are finalising the appointment of a contractor for FRA work within the multi-storey blocks. These works will improve current standards and ensure the areas comply with fire safety requirements. Fire doors and signage will be replaced and emergency lighting will be installed within communal areas. Our multi-storey residents will be given notice before this work begins.