The ballot has closed and tenants have had their say…it’s a big YES vote to the transfer to Sanctuary Scotland!

The overwhelming majority of Thistle Housing Association tenants support a transfer to Sanctuary Scotland, the independent ballot has shown.

Of the 687 valid votes counted, 635 tenants (a massive 92.4%) voted ‘Yes’ to a change of landlord to Sanctuary Scotland and the package of benefits that the transfer will bring.

We were delighted that so many tenants cast their vote and had their say on the future of Thistle. The total turnout was 70.1 percent. Six of the 693 votes cast were ruled to be invalid.

The ballot was conducted by Civica Election Services and ran for four weeks, from 5 October to 2 November. A letter will now be sent to all Thistle customers on Friday of this week with information on the next steps in the transfer process.